Keep Your Mouth Shut



Keep Your Mouth Shut

Video for New Single, filmed at The Blackheart, Austin TX



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Beth Lee & The Breakups


Based out of Austin, TX, Beth Lee grew up on the grit and soul of the Houston music scene, her dad a long time musician of the Bayou City.  Since 2008, Beth has been playing in a band and recording her original music with local musicians that have an ear for her songwriting ability. She has toured through several states over the past few years in support of her 2013 release "One More Time Again", honing in and developing her energetic live performances. Her sound has evolved from a soulful innocence to that of a sultry, sassy, rock n'roller, with a sound that's unapologetic yet vulnerable; tough yet heartbroken.



Vocals, Guitar / Beth Lee
Guitar/ Landis Armstrong
Bass / Amanda Darnell
Drums / Ralph Power



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Keep Your Mouth Shut

by Beth Lee & The Breakups

"A perfect mix of brass, sass, vulnerability, and no-nonsense" -- Laurie Gallardo, KUTX, Austin Music Minute

"One More Time Again" was voted in the top 40 albums of 2013 by Calvin Powers of the American Music Show...
"Beth Lee’s rock & roll, is simple and straight forward. It’s a
retro-roots-rock sound, but not nostalgic. It’s music designed to frame her
voice which is clear and strong and full of conviction, even when she’s singing
about heartache and woe.

John Conquest of Third Coast Music Magazine also chose it as one of his favorites of the year...
"Beth Lee was born to front a country rock band...[her] ability to sing tender and vulnerable on one song, be country heartbroken on another and rock out on a third, [the breakups] can come across like Wanda Jackson & The Party Timers or early Lucinda Williams