Keep Your Mouth Shut

Filmed at The Blackheart, Austin TX


Beth Lee & The Breakups


Based out of Austin, TX, Beth Lee grew up on the grit and soul of the Houston music scene, her dad a long time musician of the Bayou City.  Since 2008, Beth has been playing in a band and recording her original music with Austin musicians that have an ear for her songwriting ability. She has toured through several states over the past few years in support of her 2013 release One More Time Again, honing in and developing her energetic live performances. She has evolved her soulful, heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting style to include a sultry, sassy, rock 'n' roll edge.  Her most recent album, Keep Your Mouth Shut, released May 5th, 2016, garnered positive reviews from independent radio and roots publications, including a #19 rank on the Americana Music Show's year end list and a flattering review from KUTX's Laurie Gallardo, who coined the sound as "country-fried rock 'n' soul". It was also listed in Alternate Root Magazine and Third Coast Music Magazine as one of the year's top picks.  Produced by John Bush (Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians), it features long time drummer Ralph Power, bassist Amanda Darnell, and guitarists Landis Armstrong, Adam Burchfield, Matt Giles, and Eric Hisaw.


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Keep Your Mouth Shut

by Beth Lee & The Breakups

Press Quotes:

"Austin-based songwriter and guitarist Beth Lee‘s straightforward, sultry rasp determinedly cuts to the core on her new LP, Keep Your Mouth Shut. The deliciously wry humor sears through, because keeping tight-lipped is exactly what Lee is not about to do. It’s time to open up, speak out, and tell it like it is. She’s belting no-nonsense, country-fried rock ‘n’ soul piercing straight through the heart, and any ounce of heartache can take a back seat."

"A perfect mix of brass, sass, vulnerability, and no-nonsense"

-- Laurie Gallardo, KUTX, Austin Music Minute

"Beth Lee is a seductress with a snarl as she draws love into her flame far enough to leave a mark as she steps on the heart trailing her around, squashing any hints of something happening in “You Don't Get Me High”. Beth Lee and the Breakups play punk rock for the prairies and open range, honky tonk rock’n’roll made for dance floors and drinking. Train track beats signal 'Bellville County Line' as it rattles by while 'Thick of It' inhabits a CCR-rhythm and the title track slows to a desert dry shuffle warning on a whisper to 'Keep Your Mouth Shut'." --Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root Magazine

"Beth Lee and the Breakups keep it simple, which I appreciate a lot.  The sound is early 60’s garage rock adapted to modern times.  The sound sets the stage for Beth Lee’s vocals which range from waifish and tender to chew-you-up-and-spit-you-out.  She sells every song with heart, soul, and a coy wink that keeps you hanging on every word." --Calvin Powers, WHUP, Americana Music Show

"Beth Lee bites bullets on Keep Your Mouth Shut, firing a tease with teeth into the album. Her pen is dipped in done-wrong ink as The Breakups back tales of treachery with rock’n’rolling Country. Beth Lee manages to be both worldly and wide-eyed in her characters. She is a lightning rod for the faithless as “Beautiful Losers” sends out its kudos to ‘beaten down bums and restless drug users’ as Beth Lee makes the bottom look pretty good. She holds hands with heartbreak on Keep Your Mouth Shut as honky tonk guitars wiggle around like snakes in a jar on “Right Back” while love does not stick to the story line of 'Baby, It’s Alright', and wakes up to an empty bed in 'Only a Dream'." --Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root Magazine

"Beth Lee’s rock & roll, is simple and straight forward. It’s a
retro-roots-rock sound, but not nostalgic. It’s music designed to frame her
voice which is clear and strong and full of conviction, even when she’s singing
about heartache and woe."

"Beth Lee & The Breakups is one of my favorite rock & roll bands. Their sound is very retro roots rock but at the same time, Beth has a very modern edgy angst in her vibe that's very appealing. I don't know how she does it."

--Calvin Powers, WHUP, Americana Music Show

"Beth Lee was born to front a country rock band...[her] ability to sing tender and vulnerable on one song, be country heartbroken on another and rock out on a third, [the breakups] can come across like Wanda Jackson & The Party Timers or early Lucinda Williams" 

--John Conquest, Third Coast Music Magazine


Venues Performed:

Blackheart (Austin, TX)

Continental Club (Austin, TX)

Little Longhorn Saloon (Austin, TX)

Fred's Texas Cafe (Fort Worth, TX)

Mercury Lounge (Tulsa, OK)

Knuckleheads (Kansas City, MO)

Coda Concert House (Joplin, MO)

Honky Tonk BBQ (Chicago, IL)

Skinny Dennis (New York, NY)

...and many more nationwide


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